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  • DRE looks like what i'm looking for. Had an idea for a generational campaign loosely based on the more action-pulp-horror aspects of the resident evil games (i.e. weird plants and parasites with a very long pseudo-science history dating back years, evil corporations out for nothing but profit, and improbably durable heroes fighting them) along with marvel zombies/blackest night, zombie nazis, and a bitnof dead space for the aeon Era. Thanks again!
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  • Storypath crossover: Using other storypath books for antagonists/abilities

    Good morning all!

    I have been a Gm for decades at this point but am very new to storypath (came from a weg star wars, call of cthulhu, world of darkness background). I have loved the trinity universe games since the first edition of Aeon (still have my original, plastic-spiral bound original) and am digging into the continuum, but am not versed in the other storypath games yet. Is there any conversion needed ifni wanted to steal things from the other games (mostly antagonists) and drop them into trinity?
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  • Just picked this up, haven't had time to dig in hard yet, but looks to be pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.
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  • Street Fighter, Streets of Rage, Final Fight?

    Good evening! So my old crew (30 years and counting!) has been looking for a good system to run a series based on the title properties for years. We had years of fun playing the old Street Fighter Rpg (heavily modded of course) and have been chasing that high since. I, personally, adore the storypath system and have been an avid follower of the ├ćon continuum games since the original Trinity released (still have my original book, says trinity sticker), and the rules system and setting of the Trinity Continuum core, as well as Assassins seems to fit well. Only thing that seems to be missing is...
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