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Seraph Kitty
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  • My favorite motive to give abyssal creatures is that they seek to Ascend, in order to ‘naturalize’ their corrupted symbols into the tapestry. Most would not necessarily know how to do this, but it puts me in the mind for look for ways they can leverage short-term intrusions, ways they can fit into an ecosystem, and some kind of grand symbolic scheme they work toward.
    I had the idea once that a summoned abyssal would work toward a cannibal cult, and culminate in ‘the Hunger’ (Antagonists, 118) retroactively becoming a ‘natural’ curse. But I decided a plot where the PCs were supposed...
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  • Seraph Kitty
    started a topic MtAwakening Inspiration

    MtAwakening Inspiration

    I just rewatched ‘Wreck it Ralf’, and I definitely got the vibes of an Exarch (or at least a Tetrarch, possibly Ochema) trying to prevent an Ascension, with the looming threat of an intruding Annunkai. I’d even be tempted to consider Vanelope and/or Ralf selesti - as claiming power from a different, incompatible reality is a fair definition of selestus; and Vanelope’s “glitch” kind of feels like the epic paradoxes from Aponia. Overall, a lot of good inspiration for an imperial mysteries campaign - including the casting of an imperial spell from a lustrum.
    I wouldn’t consider...
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  • Scale already covers the Size of affected targets; at least for magic, it wouldn’t make sense to worry about ‘the spells strength check’....
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