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  • It's no more (or less) likely than, say, Solar (or Abyssal) Exigents. It's not a matter of copying the design. It's a matter of exigent design being based on the god that empowered it. It's been mentioned more than once that most beings aren't really able to "design" their Exalted - what comes out is just a natural consequence of who/what the bestower of the exaltation is. So, yes, mechanical exigents,and/or ones based on magical metals are completely possible - for deities for whom it is "in theme". They won't be any more Alchemical exigents than, say, Janest is a Solar one....
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  • Astralporing
    replied to Abyssals are coming!
    And that is the exact reason for why i strongly disliked the Redemption the way it was presented. Because it implied that being exalted as an Abyssal was a mistake and the only good choice you could make was to somehow "fix" it. Which might seem fine for a purely antagonist group, but is not really a good narrative approach for a choice available for players. because it also implied that the player made a wrong choice, and they should have decided upon a different splat instead....
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