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Bob the Skull
Bob the Skull
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  • I hesitated to add my thoughts on "the Nazi question" before, but since you have brought it up, and since you are speaking to us from Germany...

    I think this would be less of an issue in my mind if many of the tribes weren't tied to specific ethnic backgrounds, but I find it very troubling that a tribe with Germanic ethnic connections is getting moved into an NPC-only role because members have acted (however fictionally) on an objectionable ideology that is historically linked to Germany. If the Nazi past is so odious that the Get of Fenris become unplayable for it, what...
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  • Bob the Skull
    replied to Trying out Mage again
    In that case, welcome back!

    If you aren't already aware of it, you might want to give a listen to Mage: The Podcast. I get a lot of value from it, and in particular I know there's an episode that talks about character advancement alternatives, including ways of handling Arete increases. It gave me some thoughts I don't believe I would have come up with on my own....
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  • And that observation is absolutely fair enough. But I can't help but feel that writing off an entire tribe for the sins of a subset of its members - even when those sins were tolerated for far too long - fails to achieve the political optics the designers seem to have been aiming for. In fact, it leaves a much worse taste in my mouth than simply picking up the Get where Revised left off would have done. At least that left an option for redemption....
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