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  • But, what I am saying is mechanically, at least Vampires, are in no position to survive a series of hits from a lone mage, that even thinking about retaliation is hard for them.

    My example is that a single Cabal, will not leave any Vampire alive in a day. Literally, I can build a starting cabal (heck, two characters actually) as per the Core rule book that can wipe out every Vampire in a city in a single week, when and how exactly is the Vampire going to find their family, Embraces them, blood bonds them and seeks them on the mage? The attack vector (Space) is not something the Vampire...
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  • What stops mages from killing [Insert hostile supernatural] here en-masse?


    This seems a question that could grow a bit long, so its own independent thread.

    Many supernatural creatures are hostile to mages, their charges and mysteries; and such creatures (mostly) have low reproduction rates or complex requirements to propagate.

    Destroying all Spirits is impossible as the world itself keeps creating them, Werewolves have spirit allies with vast powers, but something like eradicating every Vampire or Beast in a city / county / nation seems feasible.

    I use vampires as an example that is human related,...
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  • Well, the Doylist answer is that nearly all power stats have a drawback when becoming too high. Otherwise players always will aim to maximise the power stat.

    The Watsonian answer is that you are much more closely aligned with the supernal realms therefore much more out of sync with the fallen world, there is more push back to your will....
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  • You can be in a cabal, and you can be a solitaire, and in both scenarios you can still be part of the Consilium (even holding positions of responsibility as a solitaire).

    What happens when you are part of another supernatural clique? Like those rare cases where a mage joins a Pack? Will the Consilium expel you? Censure you? Will your order do any of that?...
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  • You dont need that to replicate, it can be done with Borrowed Favour + Court Goodwill....
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  • Perfectly clear. Thanks.​

    Is it? I thought this was part of the core rules, something that is explicitly stated that on certain specific spells you can apply no questions asked. Like Wyrdbound Oaths​' reach option, you spend the reach and it becomes lasting.

    I got confused again, is the bolded text part of the rules or just your take on your games for that spell? From TempleBuilder comment a Wyrdbound Oaths​​ lasting effect once applied no way to dispel it. Seems to be the Core rules definition of Lasting, and there is a specific...
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  • Can Lasting spells be dispelled?

    I am confused on the Lasting example in the core rulebook spellcasting description.

    For example Wyrdbound Oaths, primary factor is duration, but there is a reach to make it lasting. If I make it lasting... It can no longer be dispelled? What is the advantage/difference vs making it Indefinite?...
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