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  • By the by, that aspect is a perfect fit for the Mastigos as a parent path. They focus on deliberate violations of taboos and such as part of their path.

    The experiential aspect is very Thyrsus, so I'm not saying these don't fit, but you can actually mix and match with any of the paths:

    Transcending crude mortal matter and shackles to the physical is a Moros focus.

    Acanthus study fate and intuition. They are associated with faeries. Ecstasy fits their path to the Mysteries.

    The Obrimos include ascetics who strive to bring their fleshly desires...
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  • thenate
    started a topic Armor Tags

    Armor Tags

    These are some ideas for homebrew armor tags.

    Ablative (0, 1)
    Ablative armor exists to reduce damage by being destroyed.
    If this tag is on armor, the armor is researched and manufactured as appropriate to all the other tags and ratings, and, at the end, the scale of the defense and the armor rating are both improved by 1.

    The relative scale of attacks matter. Hits landed by potentially damaging attacks that are at the armor's scale or higher reduce the armor rating by one. Attacks that successfully apply the Inflict Wounds stunt lower the armor rating, as...
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  • I forget the proper term for the non-alien-magic-bathtub psions, but they are canon in both editions. Some of them predate the Aberrant War by decades and the Aeons were apparently both aware of the possibility and overtly seeking them out, as I read things.

    You'd need enough power represented by such a group to make a big difference, but, frankly, there's an argument to be made that the survival of humanity as something other than a nearly extinct slave race or pets in the official timeline argues that great progress was made to curtail the problems posed by the Aberrants.
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