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    started a topic WIR 5E Anarchs

    WIR 5E Anarchs

    I had wanted to do this months ago, but life shoved me down, took my milk money and I’ve been preoccupied.

    In the 5E VtM setting the only major groups of vampires are the Camarilla… and everyone else, whom the Lords of the Ivory Tower call the Anarchs. The Sabbat has collapsed and been turned inside out by a war. The Settites have joined the Anarchs. The Giovanni of old are gone, replaced by the Hekata (of even older). The Ravnos are gone, fallen with their death of their Founder. The Banu Haqim are also changed, with some having defected to the Camarilla and the others falling...
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  • [WIR] Anarchs Unbound - Anarchy in the WOD

    I love Anarchs.

    I love Anarchs to an unhealthy degree. This is something that everyone who reads my posts should already know. I love Anarchs more than any other element of the game except Malkavians and Chicago by Night. Indeed, if you could somehow combine Chicago by Night, Malkavians, and Anarchs then I might suddenly explode in a burst of sheer joy.

    However, Anarchs kinda suck. I don't mean in the vampire way either. There's been some wonderful Anarch works but there's also been a lot of really lousy ones. I feel that Los Angeles by Night really derailed...
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