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the chicago folio

  • Reviewing OPP Chicago by Night supplements

    This is inspired by Black Fox's excellent write-ups that got me thinking about discussing in-depth some things. I used to WIR's of these supplements but, well, life gets in the way and I was thinking about coming back to discussing the OPP V5 products in light of the larger context of the V5 setting.

    I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm not really a fan of Fifth Edition. I'm a fan of OPP's take on Fifth Edition as I think that the initial presentation was more or less a mess until the good people here provided something that was absent from the revived World of Darkness until they released...
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  • [V5] [WIR] The Chicago Folios - Completed 9/19/2020

    Hey folks,

    I admit I have been waiting for this for some time. I was an initial backer of CHICAGO BY NIGHT's Kickstarter and it is a major reason that I returned in full force to Vampire: The Masquerade. Beckett's Jyhad Diary had brought me back after a ten year absence but the characters of Chicago are some of my all-time favorites. They're as close to me as Luke Skywalker and Frodo are to other fans.

    One of the things I loved about CBN5E's Kickstarter was that it succeeded enough to have two supplement books added to it. As much as I love V5, I have to...
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